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Amy (AJ) OConnor, is the owner of AJs Vintage Designs. She’s known for her furniture transformations, with a wide variety of classic, french country, farmhouse and whimsical styles. She believes a piece needs to be unique, yet be able to last the test of time when it comes to the constantly changing style trends. 

Not only does AJ bring new life to outdated furniture, but she loves to teach others to do the same. She has that attitude of “If I can do it, I will show you how to do it, too.” 

Her proudest moments in her career as a furniture artist and instructor is seeing clients create their own masterpieces and their excitement when they’ve realized what they can do if they just give it a try. 

AJ joined the PiecePrints' family as a Brand Ambassador because she believes in the product, and she loves how PiecePrints give clients the ability to be an artist without having to have an artistic background.