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I am an Illustrator in Suffolk, Virginia, primarily using chalk mineral paint as my medium. I paint both art furniture and paintings. I love to paint stories, invoking a feeling that it could be you as part of the story. I am also a calligrapher and teach those classes, too.

Currently, I am a regular contributor to 'Painting World Magazine', both writing articles and being their cover artist. I've also enjoyed participating in the Port Warwick Arts and Sculpture Festival and last year, I was awarded the T. S. Eliot Excellence in Painting as well as having my candy colored jellyfish painting as their poster.

I regularly show my work in art galleries in Virginia and in my home studio, with my husband, youngest son and two sweet lap dog Pit Bulls. My work can also be seen in literary magazines, other art magazines such as Creative Chalk Painting, and used for art lessons to children in England. 

My motto is:  ​

Go forth and create beauty, to honor God.

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