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Honor Our Military

The United States Armed forces. The most powerful fighting force the world has ever seen. Throughout world history, Kingdoms and Nations have used their armed forces to conquer and spread their Kingdoms. From Babylon to Persia, from Rome to the British Empire, those with the most powerful armies and navies have ruled the world and spread their dominions. The United States, however, have used their status to protect other nations as well as ourselves. Whether it be two World Wars or freeing Kuwait and toppling a corrupt regime, our armed forces have been on the front lines fighting for good and opposing those regimes that suppress freedom.

The United States armed forces: The Army, the best equipped and best trained ground force. The Navy, able to be anywhere on the planet within days with a show of force greater than most nations. The Air Force. No other nation has the air craft or pilots with the ability for air superiority, no, air dominance! The Marine Corps, first to fight, last to leave. Not since the Hoplite soldiers of the Spartans has there been a tougher more loyal armed force. The Coast Guard, with a great fleet of ships both large and small with brave men to protect our shores and its people from both foreign invaders and those who are in peril on the waters.

Many of us know someone or have a family member who has served in one of these great forces. For those who have served, we know the honor we feel reflecting on past or present service. Our Military line through PiecePrints gives us the opportunity to show how much we appreciate those who have served or even made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.