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Connie's Collection

     Connie Coleman, is the owner of Connie's Creations. She is newer to the furniture restoration world and continues to learn from others in the market. She recently jumped on board with a local antique store to sell her pieces. She's been taught by one of the best furniture teachers of Old World Finishes, Amy Howard, to rescue, restore, redecorate. There are approx. 9 million tons of furniture sent to landfills every year, so we need to rescue them, to give them new life and character.

     Connie also makes signs, and unique art pieces for the empty spot on your walls. She had a 10 ft table built in her home to have classes so she can teach people how to restore furniture. She will teach old world finishes, such as: patina, antiquing, milk painting, staining and waxing, and more. Teaching, sharing and encouraging others to create a new piece of furniture, come alive and restore their own pieces of furniture with such joy and confidence.  This brings her joy, too!

     Connie joined PiecePrints' family with her private collection line as she's seen other artists create beautiful pieces with PiecePrints, and she wanted to share in that excitement as well. She is also a photographer and has several shots that will eventually be created into PiecePrints, not only for herself, but will be available for others to enjoy!