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Low Flying Angels Team -

     Hello! We are a family business located in Germany, together we have almost 20 years of experience in art and restoring beautiful antiques & unique pieces.  We are proud parents of Felix, Nicoletta and Kai and Loving grandparents of little Theo.

We live only 2.5 hours away from Paris, and one of our favourite past times is to go there hunting antiques and inspiration on French farmsteads and antique markets.  

     I'm an artist who's been creating since a very young age.  During my studies in Italy I restored murals in Sicilian chapels and painted, from which I found that I absolutely love animals and I love to paint them - which I still do to this day!  I hope that you know my cows in colorful flower crowns.  Now you have the opportunity to finally have them on your furniture, walls or wherever else you would wish!  

     My husband Martin, takes care of the technical side of our business but also loves to restore beautiful antiques and create colorful foundations.  Our antiques and paintings have been hugely successful all over Europe and also in the United States. Our pieces have also taken part in numerous competitions all over the world!  I would love for our work to be transferred on your furniture!

      Thanks to PiecePrints it's now possible, and I hope that my artwork wonderfully decorates your homes!  Thanks, and much love! - Claudia & Martin


Low Flying Angels Collection