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Click on this link to watch one of my easy tutorials on PiecePrints overlay application!

About our Overlays and instructions

Paper and size:

We use a very high quality self-adhesive substrate to create our overlays.  

custom sizes can be requested as a special order by emailing [email protected]


The overlay will adhere to wood and canvas that has a base coat of either Polycrylic or chalk mineral paint.  Cannot be applied to bare surfaces.  We recommend sealing your overlay with two coats of water based Polycrylic immediately after application.  Please note:  A practice overlay will be included with new orders to discover how easy our product is to use!

Any questions, you can reach out to steve brear (Our founder) for a free additional one-on-one consult to assist with application. 


Printed and shipped in Texas. Shipping provided by UPS and USPS within the 48 contiguous states. 

Additional international shipping is billed separately.  International telephone numbers  and emails are essential information required to quote accurate shipping costs.