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Method of Application

Remove the print(s) from the tube and place face up on a flat surface to bring to room temperature. Surfaces should be clean and dry ensuring that all areas to receive the print adhesive are totally dry -- not just touch dry.

Often in areas of heat and high humidity (over 50%) surfaces can feel dry but are actually far from dry and will not readily allow adequate adhesion of the print. Force drying of painted surfaces with heat guns of any kind is not a reliable way to dry a piece.


Areas of a non-painted piece, i.e. original factory produced finishes should be thoroughly cleaned with cleaning agents. We recommend using mineral spirits allowing all residue to completely dissipate before applying the print.  It is essential that there is no dust or dirt on the piece. Over the life of a piece, accumulations of polish occur and although the print will adhere to polished surfaces it is recommended that any polish residue is removed.  

PiecePrints will cover cosmetic scratches scuffs and minor dents in the surface of the piece so no preparation or renovation is required prior to application of your print. This is great for piece tops often a graveyard for manual effort due to imperfections or damage from use or storage. Deep indents it the areas of print adhesion should be filled and sanded in the normal way and given a thin key coat. Apply a light sanding removing all dust.  Finally apply a clear coat of Polyacrylic on to the bare non-painted surface so that you create an area for the PiecePrint to properly adhere.

Before and after sample

Tools Required (Refreshingly Few!)

  1. A nice cup of your favorite coffee
  2. Mood music
  3. Your PiecePrint
  4. An Xacto craft knife for any required trimming to door edges etc.
  5. New No. 11 blades for the above knife
  6. A dry soft lint free cloth
  7. A ruler to set your print in place and mark the required settings
  8. A soft pencil to mark the required height and center settings an ultra fine point sharpie would be good for marking darker color backgrounds.

It's that simple!  For best practice method of application, reference our videos.  Have fun with your PiecePrints!

Helpline:  8AM - 6PM weekdays:  760-902-9366

Frequently Asked Questions